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Meet the Staff at Smiley Automotive Norwalk

Smiley Automotive - Friendly Staff

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From the moment you step on our lot until the time you drive away in your next vehicle, your buying experience with Smiley Automotive is our number one priority. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, from those buying a $1,000 vehicle to those buying a $100,000 vehicle, we will treat you as you are family and help out anyway we can to earn your business. We encourage you to use the expertise and resources of our sales staff; they are here to help you find the right vehicle at the right price. If it is to set up an appointment to test drive a vehicle we currently have or if we can locate the vehicle of your dreams, we can make it happen. With one easy call/text or filling out the contact us form above, we will make your car buying experience simple. Call today to let us start earning your business the Smiley way 419-663-2277 Norwalk main location or 567-805-4137 Norwalk South location by Fisher Titus Hospital. Smiley Automotive Making Car Buying Simple For Over A Decade.

Jim Neuberger - General Manager

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Jim has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years. Before that he played minor league baseball for the Cincinnati Reds and he still has a mean fastball. He has 4 children, his little princess Kami, Alex his youngest super star athlete son, his Capital University graduate and 4 year athlete Ryan, and his hardest working oldest son Justin. Four years ago his oldest son Justin gave Jim his pride and joy grandson Layne Neuberger. His true love is watching his kids grow and participating in sporting events at Edison High School while hanging out in the bleachers with his little buddy Layne. Jim is also involved with the local 4-H programs helping local young boys and girls with learning how to take care of farm animals and understanding the importance of agriculture. He has been with Smiley Automotive ever since we opened the doors in 2005 and his reason for striving for perfection is simple, he loves taking care of customers and making their dreams come true. Jim is an absolute amazing person and team leader that will do everything in his power to help his team and his customers in any way he can.

Chas Smiley - Marketing Director

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Chas has been with Smiley Automotive for over 9 years. While working for the family business he commuted to BGSU Firelands for 2 years and then BGSU Main Campus for 2 years to further his education in the business world. After BGSU he came back to the company with a strive to grow the family business, working under the wings of his father Jeff Smiley and great friend Jim Neuberger. From detailing cars, turning wrenches, to sales, and taking the reigns of the dealerships. He has learned every aspect of the company to better understand every position and why everyone plays a very important role in making Smiley Automotive #1 in not only customer support but company growth. Chas spends his free time hanging out with his best friend and son, Aidin Smiley and his beautiful wife, Krystale Smiley. He loves the outdoors, cars, country music and just enjoying the simple things in life like those that matter the most, his family, and his Camaro. His reasoning for continuing his career at Smiley Automotive is simple, he likes putting a smile on each and every customers face while making their dreams come true. One of the largest purchases a person will make in their life is their automobile and he feels honored when people allow him the opportunity to earn their business.

Dave Williams - Finance Manager

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Dave has been in the car business for over 15 years and has been apart of the Smiley Automotive team for 5 years now. Dave does a spectacular job at being a Finance Manager by going above and beyond when it comes to helping customers. Without asking, he steps up to help his customers, not only financing their vehicles but figuring out past financial issues hanging over their heads and directs them to how to fix certain situations. On his free time Dave enjoys being with his 2 beautiful daughters Reghan and Madison, his son Jarett, and his wonderful wife LaNelle the glue to his amazing family. Dave and his children have accomplished remodeling their old school Camaro together and love racing down the track at Summit Raceway Park. His love for helping people is the #1 reason for staying with Smiley Automotive. He puts his heart and soul into helping anyone and everyone accomplish their goals with making their dreams come true, because it is the right thing to do.

Larry Buckhannon - Sales Professional

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Larry has been apart of the Smiley Automotive team for over 5 years now. Before joining the team he was a coach for Western Reserve Roughriders, and worked at Tenneco in Milan. Larry was born in California but moved to Ohio with his family when he was in the 4th grade and has been a local resident ever since. In his spare time Larry enjoys spending time with his amazing wife Sarah, beautiful daughter Brooke, and college graduate son Blake. He loves being able to spend time with his family and friends at church and outdoors hunting and fishing where he can teach his children the things his father taught him. Larry enjoys helping others by coaching the young athletes in track and football along with helping out those in need with donating his time to local charities and events. Mr. Buckhannon fits in great with the team here because of his hard work and dedication to go above and beyond to help those in need. "Selling from his heart and not his wallet and the good Lord will take care of you" has been Larry's motto ever since working here because he knows if he does what is right the good Lord will take care of him.

Monica Flaherty - Sales Professional

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Monica has worked in the automotive industry for the past 5 years. She has been with the Smiley Automotive team for the past 3 years now. Right out of high school Monica joined the Air Force where she spent 8 years at Beale AFB California, working with the Blackbird SR71 spy plane. After the Air Force she has worked in sales, anything from home parties, retail, and her favorite - Automotive Sales Professional. She has two wonderful sons, Nick who followed in Monica's footsteps by becoming a Crew Chief for the F15 Fighter Jet in the Air Force. Her other son Joseph is working towards computer programing. In her free time she loves to be outdoors in her garden, and hanging out with her friends and fellow veterans. Monica has enjoyed working with the Smiley Automotive team and says she will never leave because she has never felt the family feeling like this ever before. She even moved to Norwalk because of the relationships she has grown with customers of hers, also she has one of the biggest hearts any friend, customer or co-worker could ask for.

Travis Smiley - Sales Professional

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Travis has been working at the dealership fulltime for the past 6 years now. He started with washing cars and landscaping part time when he was in high school at St. Paul High. Travis then worked his way up to being a technician and continued up the ladder to being a great salesperson. After graduating from St. Paul, Travis went on to getting his firefighter license from Ehove Adult Education which is where he is studying for his EMT license. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends and his amazing girlfriend Chelsey. Travis loves anything outdoors from helping a local family farm to playing sports or riding four wheelers. His reasoning for wanting to be a part of the Smiley Sales team is simple, for over 18 years he watched how happy his father made people when helping them purchase a vehicle and Travis wants to be able to put that smile on their faces now. Always do your best. What you plant now, you harvest later.

Tyler Ebinger - Sales Professional

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Tyler has been apart of the Smiley Automotive team for over 2 years now. After graduating from Edison High School Tyler worked at Freudenberg-NOK on the assembly line and attended BGSU for business management and computer programming. He truly enjoys helping others get the vehicle that they want, and loves to make their dreams become a reality. He is an avid sports fan, and poker player so outside of work Tyler spends his time going to sporting events and attending poker tournaments with his friends. Tyler's favorite part about working here is the fact that he can sell will confidence by knowing that Smiley Automotive stands behind the vehicles they sell and they care about their customers as much as he does. 

Mitch McCrann - Sales Proffesional

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Mitch has been with the Smiley Automotive team for almost 6 months now. After graduating from St. Paul high school, Mitch went to Kent State University to study Business and Sports Management. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, Mitch started working at Eagle Creek as an intern in the Pro Shop. That is when he found out that he truly enjoys helping others and thought he would try helping others to purchase their dream vehicle. Mitch has grown up in Norwalk his entire life and one day plans on meeting the woman of his dreams and starting a family of his own. He really enjoys working here because he says it gives him the chance to help others get into the vehicle of their dreams without all the hassles most come across while purchasing a vehicle. In his spare time Mitch enjoys being out on the golf course or hanging out with his friends and family and attending sporting events.

Kassie Smiley - Accounting Manager

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Kassie has been a part of the Smiley Automotive team for over 9 years now.

Amber Nickles - Office Assistant

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Amber has been a part of the Smiley Automotive team for a year now.

Amie Sherar - Detailer

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Amie has been with the Smiley Automotive team for over one year now.

Ed Ritz - Service Manager

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Ed Ritz has been a part of the Smiley team now for over 5 years.

Bob Ferrell - Parts Manager

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Bob has been a part of the Smiley team for almost 7 years now and does an amazing job taking care of our service customers and controlling all of the parts.

Carl Dahm - Lead Technician

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Carl has been a part of the Smiley Automotive team for over 7 years now.

Thomas Blankinsop - Certified Mechanic

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Thomas Blankinsop has been a part of the Smiley Automotive team for almost 3 years now.

Stefan Mills - Detailer

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Stefan has been with the Smiley Automotive team for over 2 years now.

Alex Neuberger - Detailer

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Alex has been a part of the Smiley Automotive team while going to Edison High school for over two years.

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